Bathroom Remodeling AuroraDo you dream of transforming your home into a dream comfort zone? It is amazing what remodeling can do. With simple bathroom remodeling Aurora you can turn a shower room into a spa-like bathroom.

Vista Remodeling offers full-service home remodeling for your bathroom, kitchen, living room basement and any other space in your home that needs to be transformed. We work with experts who have years of service experience to ensure a perfect transformation of your dream home into reality.

We undertake projects big or small and always strive for perfection. It could be installing new windows or stylish doors, putting up gutters or an entire home makeover. Nothing is too big or small for Vista Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling

Remodeling the kitchen will add functionality and beauty to not just the cooking area but to the entire house. The remodeling process can include changing or updating cabinets and cupboards, worktops, light fixtures, floor tiles, and so much more. We are the right kitchen remodeling Aurora service provider who understands the value of a beautiful kitchen.

We ensure we purchase quality fixtures from recognized and trusted brands, but we are also open to using what you the customer is comfortable with.

Basement finishing Aurora

What is the current state of your basement? Is it a collection of boxes decorated with spider webs? Or maybe a dark dungeon you are too scared to go into on your own. Vista Remodeling could bring life to that space and remodel it into a multi-functional space. A laundry room, children’s play area, family entertainment room, a study, man cave or guest bedroom — you imagine and we make it for you. The possibilities are only limited by imagination. Contact us for basement finishing Aurora.

Our scope of basement remodeling Aurora Colorado work includes installing new lighting fixtures, flooring, we can set up an entire theater room and we also do waterproofing to ensure the newly designed living space does not end up flooding.

Bathroom Remodeling

Are you tired of the design of your bathroom? Has it lived past its sell-by date? We can take down the entire bathroom and build a new one from scratch, incorporating modern designs and functionality to create a modern spa where you don’t just go to get clean, but relax and enjoy the ambiance. Consider bathroom remodeling Aurora.

We can also install features like custom showers or bathtubs. The experts from Vista Remodeling will work with you to design your dream bathroom.

Vista Remodeling has a varied collection of model designs for you to choose from including color combinations and fittings. Our experts will sit down with you and discuss what you have in mind while giving you expert advice and guidance on technical issues. It is our intention to ensure that what finally comes to life is something you are happy and comfortable with. Our basement remodeling Aurora Colorado is always designed to bring your imagination to life while the kitchen remodeling is intended to deliver a functional and beautiful heart of the home. Your bathroom will look a lot more welcoming every time you walk into it after we are done. Contact us for more details and to schedule an appointment to discuss what we can do for you.


Does basement finishing in Aurora adds any value to my home?

Yes, an average of 73.9% of the cost of a basement remodeling project is recovered when the property is sold, offering one of the most significant returns of investment among most common home remodeling projects. The average return on investment is two thirds to three-quarters of the cost for basement finishing in Aurora.

Is waterproofing necessary before finishing my basement?

Waterproofing your basement is crucial, especially if you have a defective drainage system or no drainage system at all. This protects your furniture, electronics, and fixtures you will be placing in your finished basement against any harm. You can prevent basement floods by installing a proper drainage system, installing an interior perimeter drainage system, good sump pump, and more. Contact us to know more about basement finishing in Aurora.

How does your basement remodeling in Aurora works?

At Vista Remodeling, we transform your furniture, electronics, and fixtures you will be placing in your finished basement. We’ve handled various sizes of basement remodeling in Aurora by doing the following activities:

  • Initial consultation to understand your needs and provide you with an affordable budget.
  • Making a thorough and objective analysis of the space available and draw-up plans for maximizing the space with minimum expenses for additional construction.
  • Minor modifications can be made at your request, and the bid is adjusted.
  • Commencement of the project with timely inspections.

We will take care to finish the project with minimum disruption to your daily life, and maximum advantages and cost-saving endeavors.

Why should I choose Vista Remodeling for my kitchen remodeling in Aurora?

At Vista Remodeling, we use the expertise gained over two decades in the industry to craft the right plan for your kitchen remodeling in Aurora. We help you in identifying space-saving ideas, appliances to be installed, cabinetry, kitchen islands, apparatuses, fixtures and fittings, kitchen counter tops and back splashes, etc. You can get valuable tips from kitchen remodeling team, how to buy all the above items at a bargain with quality, reliability, and durability for a long time. You get an attractive, fully-functional, energy-efficient, great-looking utility dream kitchen, at a cost, you never imagined before.

What is the workflow for bathroom remodeling in Aurora Colorado?

The following are the typical workflow for our bathroom remodeling in Aurora Colorado.

  • Changing the Floor Plan
  • Walls and Ceilings
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical – install/replace new line, GFSI, outlet, switch, bubble/jet tub, heating floor, lights, fan
  • Ventilation
  • Fixtures – towel bar, toilet p. holder, tissue, towel ring
  • Cabinets and Vanity
  • Vanity Top – any tile(granite, porcelain, marble) vanity top, granite/marble counter top
  • Tiling
  • Bathtub Installation
  • Shower Installation
  • Sauna or Steam Shower Installation – any brand and specific steam shower and sauna installation
  • Windows and Skylights
  • Painting and Wall Coverings
  • Lighting – install/replace recessed light any size also any light fixtures
  • Floors – ceramic, marble, porcelain, granite tile installation