This bathroom remodeling project was undertaken in Littleton, Colorado upon the request of the owner who wanted the place to have a more contemporary look than the present one. Our contractors are glad to have chosen this project as it presented to us a lot of challenges. Among the first things we noticed was the large area of the master bathroom that had to be worked upon. In a way, this size made us realize the challenges that lay before us. Our client had very specific requirements that we were required to follow and implement eventually. Interestingly, the original area of this bathroom was about 120 square feet and this area had to be remodeled entirely. This was the request made by the owner of the house in Denver. According to him, the area was a bit large and that its shower area was small and looked old and unattractive. Therefore, our mission was to improve this small area and make it look modern and more purposeful. Another area that required our attention was the vanity area. Earlier, the vanity area was small and was uninviting. Our contractors had to work upon this area as well and make it more contemporary. We are glad that we were able to accomplish this bathroom remodel task easily. The vanity area, as of today, has two embedded oval sinks on the counter top. The counter top itself has been given a refreshing look in the form of finely polished black granite. Furthermore, two large mirror are placed on the wall, one for each sink area. To make the place look more contemporary, we provided some space between the sinks. This ensured we could place decorative items like flower vase or plants in that area. An adjustable window has been accommodated by our contractors near the vanity area to ensure there is enough natural light falling all over the area and that the user can adjust the brightness of the area according to his/her requirements. According to one of the requirements provided to us by the house owner, our contractors were not required to touch or modify the cabinets provided in the bathroom area. However, changes were required to be made across other areas in the place. In a way, this was a big challenge before us. Similarly, our bathroom remodel design required us to make drastic changes in the shower area; particularly its base. This bathroom design idea ensured we were required to make the shower area a special one. What we did was place small pebbles across the base of the shower. The adding of these pebbles not only ensured the place looked modern and contemporary, but also done on purpose. The shower area is among the most used areas in the bathroom and as such it is subjected to wear and tear. Therefore, the bathroom remodel Littleton contractors decided to use pebbles over other materials for the base of the shower as these tiny materials had the strength to withstand the rigors of the rough usage of the user. Our effort was recognized by the owner of the place. After all, all his requirements were met easily and his bathroom had a new look at the end of it all!