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Contemplating the idea of bathroom remodeling? Good and Best wishes. May be you can entrust the entire project with professionals for best results. But as the home owner, it’s ideal you’re in the know of certain facts about remodeling the most personal and private area of your home, namely Bathroom. This will help derive complete satisfaction about the successful finishing of the work, the way you wanted it to be for bathroom remodel.

Factors to consider about Bathroom makeovers:

Although every home has a bathroom, no two bathrooms are alike. The variation comes from basic design to space provided to full bath or half bath, decorations done, utility and comforts provided and a lot more. So you’ve to take into consideration before embarking on the planning stage of renovation, the present status and size of the bathroom; and whether you want the remodeling to be done to enlarge, accommodate new facilities or just give a face-lift to the existing one, by painting and repairing the old and worn out items. This will help visualize the scope of work involved, time needed and of course the cost.
Remember – if you’re planning to undertake bathroom remodeling for the purpose of sale of the property, surely it’s an investment that’ll enhance greatly the “asking price” of your home. You’ll reap treble the time the home remodeling cost in your sale price, and so you can think big in your budget to maximize the look of your home.

Now how can you act smart in planning?

Detailed planning prior to any project is an immense need. There are minute details about envisaging the project of your bathroom getting renovated. First of all you’ve to come to a conclusion, whether you’re going to “Do it Yourself” or engage the services of a professional remodeling and renovation company. In the former case, only minor repair works and incidentals can be accomplished successfully in home remodeling, for obvious reasons. The hassles and tasks involved are really daunting for any renovation work, especially bathroom related, because there are many aspects like plumbing, electrification, masonry work, woodwork etc. in that always susceptible to wetness area.
The right thing is to select a best professional remodeling and renovation company with experienced expertise and hand them over the work safely. But you’ve to take up the responsibility of close liaison with the contractors in describing your needs, aspirations, expectations with an open mind and discussing with them freely, to come to a perfect understanding.

For the purpose of accomplishing the remodeling or renovation project successfully, you’ve to take up the following steps:

Planning the Financial Outlay

You’re the best judge to decide how much you can afford for the envisaged project. In arriving at an approximate budget, you must be practical in dividing the total into each category or stage of work involved, in the demolish work, plumbing, electrical, tiling, venting, framing, sink, faucets, flooring, woodwork etc. In discussing with the contractors the cost involved, this pre-budgeting will help a lot in solving differences of opinions and arriving at an amicable decision.

Be very clear about the time frame

You can’t expect wonders to happen in a day, but that does not mean the project can pull on indefinitely. After carefully evaluating mentally the work involved, you can request the contractor to adhere to your anticipated time frame. It’s also vital that you plan well ahead alternate arrangements for the “down-time” of the bathroom in question.

Finalize the schedule of work

The professional remodeling company can guide you in this as well. Yet you can decide the sequence of the work to be carried out, such as the ceiling first, walls next and coming down to flooring after fitting all the equipments and paraphernalia inside, for minimum disruption and damage.

Take proper measurements

Here again, the contractor can help. But if you keep exact measurements of fixtures and furnishing etc. it will assist in assessing the work involved, without guess work.

Specify plumbing fixtures, gadgets and features you need

Depending upon your mental plan, only you’ve to explain the contractor about the gadgets and equipments, including shower heads, faucets, sink, toilet, bathtub, mirrors etc. you want for your bathroom.

Shelves and storage accessories

It’s imperative that you identify the styles, models, and designs of cabinets and other storage accessories to be furnished, for the contractor to plan fitting and provision of space. Your decision is final according to usage, number of family members including kids etc.

Discuss the functionality and design aspects of the bathroom

This is a ticklish issue in most renovation cases. The final look of the bathroom is going to depend upon the colors, designs, styles, fashions including the floor tiles and everything inside your bathroom. The fixtures should be easy to use as well as stylish and eye-pleasing to look at.

Ventilation and air-flow needs

Your bathroom is one place your guests and visitors can easily understand your tastes. Neatly arranged fixtures, enough leg-room and sufficient ventilation to beat the dampness inside will greatly enhance the look and hazard-free usage of the much-sought after place in your home.

Appropriate Lighting installations

It’s needless to stress the importance of best-suitable lighting fixtures and installations inside a bathroom. Kids and aged persons often fumble, if the lighting is poor and face the perils involved. Plus the electrical installations as suggested by the bathroom remodeling contractor should be accepted in full, as they’re well experienced.

Provide allowance to hidden problems as well

Your contractor with professionals should be well-versed in tackling the renovation work successfully, using their versatile expertise. Yet unexpected problems may crop up, such as damage to the water-lines due to aging; corrosion in pipe lines causing heavy leakage while attempting to repair; and causing a mess around tub area or tile flooring etc. You should be mentally ready to such unexpected eventualities, in cooperating with the bath remodel team.
Aside the above points to ponder well before embarking on remodeling or renovation work of your bathroom, there are allied aspects such as complying with the statutory restrictions, structural quality and the much-talked about “Go Green” modalities etc. worth taking into consideration.

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