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No home is without kitchen and bathroom. Essentially, the floors and to certain extent the walls are covered with tiles. Bathroom tiles and shower-area tiles need more glossy finishes, for enchanting looks and to get easily dried up. Grouting is filling the gaps between these tiles, with a putty-like mortar to snugly set into the groove and hold the tiles together. Grout Sealer is a coating done over and above the Grouting Lines, to seal-off dust, dirt, stains of any nature from getting into the pores of the grouts, effectively.

Eventually at the time of kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling, you’ll see the professional crew is bent upon carefully finishing the floor and wall-tiles in your kitchen and bath, first laying the tiles on the base-floor (or sub-floor), grouting the seams in between and finally applying Grout Sealers, at least 3 times on the surface of the grouting. You can very well understand why you need this overwhelming task of Grout Sealer application, as explained below.
First, please understand the Grout Sealer types as follows:


Conventionally, water-based Grout Sealer has been effective for safeguarding the grouts, inside titled bathroom and floors. This sealant is easy to apply and is efficient by sealing off the grout by its penetrating capability, to prevent water-leakage and stains inside the grout linings. While undertaking old-fashioned constructions for bathroom remodeling or kitchen remodeling, the expert crew will use this proven water-based sealant.

Oil-based or Solvent based:

The use of sealants differ according to the type of grouts used on the intended surface. For example, in areas more exposed to water or prone to spills of contaminants causing stains, and floors with high porosity such as concrete, brick, slate or lime-stones etc., water-based sealants will not be ideal choice. In such places, the expert remodeling contractors will use solvent-based or acrylic sealant, to farm barriers on top of the grout.

Membrane-forming grout sealer:

For greater resistance against water, humidity and dampness in baths, showers, water-soaked areas, driveways etc. remodeling contractors and crew prefer this Membrane-forming grout sealer. In addition, this sealant can be used as color-enhancer due to pigments inside, for areas where the present color is worn out. However for better results, re-application of this sealer once in two years is recommended.

Penetrating grout sealer:

These sealants are prepared using mineral spirit or water as the base, for penetrating easily into the granular structure of the grout and gets absorbed by the grout’s porous surface. After evaporation of the base liquid, the silicon and latex contents stay-put inside the grout’s little holes and thus prevent moisture from getting inside.

How to apply grout sealer?

There are popularly two ways for applying grout sealers. First is Applicator or “Brush On” grout sealer and second is Spray-on grout sealer. Expert kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling contractors apply both, according to needs and surface finishes. Normally 3 coats are done with intervals for the coats to dry in 2 to 4 hours.

What are the benefits of grout sealers?

A grout sealer first of all fills up tiny pores in the grout, deep to their roots. This process perfectly seals the pours to make the grout smoother and enhances its life. Grout sealers play a vital role in preventing stains from sticking on the surface, due to penetration on the grout-lines. Supposing some stainable liquid is spilled, it’ll not seep or soak into the grout. Homeowners are saved from the hassle of cleaning the stain or the liquid spill.
Grouts sealed with proper sealants keep away dirt, dust or stains that need specialized cleaning materials, for bathroom or kitchen to be wiped away easily with a rag. From years of use, the color may get worn out on the grout lines, which can be made bright by proper grout sealer use.

When Don’t You Need Grout Sealer? –

When you’ve used epoxy-based grout! Epoxy-based grouts are the dear ones for bathroom remodeling or kitchen remodeling contractors, like Vista Remodeling Denver CO since they are so modern, innovative, glossy, easy-to-use and rich in colorful looks.

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