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Top Trends of Basement Remodeling Designs for 2017

When it comes to home maintenance or home remodeling, basement finishing is one of the important tasks that often homeowners frequently procrastinate on. Do you why it is? That’s because, they aren’t aware of the advantages they enjoy after remodeling the basement.

By doing basement makeover, you can rocket the enjoyment of your home, free up more space, increase your property value and also add some serious WOW factor when your friends come over!

Hurray!!!! Have you decided to start your basement remodeling project in Denver? What will you do with your basement? Do you have an idea?

Stunned by all these questions? No worries. In this blog, we have formulated the top trends of basement remodeling designs for 2017.

#1 Trending Design – Open Concept

Basement renovation experts say there is one big trend in basement renovation these days and that is – transforming it into an “Open Concept Layout” that is a natural extension of the rest of your home.

An open concept basement design takes advantage of the expansive nature of the basement to create an updated chic style that promotes air flow, and light. By remodeling your basement in an open concept, you can have multi-purpose spaces in the basement but they all open up to each other; from the game room to the bar area, from the family sitting area to the kitchenette and so on.

#2 Trending Design – Making it an Extension to Your Home

In the past, basement is just considered as the place to collect unwanted furniture, collecting dust, etc. But nowadays, more and more homeowners are considering the basement as an integral extension to the living space. By doing this, it feels like just another room in the house.

For homeowners, who are looking to sell their home, this easy transition can help boost the value of the home and also increase square footage as well.

#3 Trending Design – Theatre Rooms

When it comes to basement remodeling Denver, homeowners have two options to choose from: an enclosed theatre room or an entertainment TV space. You can remodel the theatre room with: enclosed walls, plush reclining seats, a projection screen, surround sound, maybe even a popcorn machine.

Remodeling your basement into an open TV space actually feels more like a living room theatre because it resembles an ordinary living room with media equipment added.

#4 Trending Design – Music Auditorium

If you’re a music lover and wish to spend hours listening or playing it, this is a trend you will want to choose as it gets more popular in 2017. Setting up music rooms requires a lot of planning, consideration and also help of experienced remodeling experts.

#5 Trending Design – A Place for Workout or Gym

This is actually a popular idea that keeps appealing to more and more homeowners. With its large open space and ideal location, the basement is perfect for a gym. If you have a large basement, you have the freedom to bring in several workout machines, add a sauna, a shower area and so on.

People are finding more and more creative ideas for their basement, expanding their living space and increasing their home resale value. The ideas for designing the basement is endless, and the above mentioned are just a few drops of the ocean.

Do not let your basement area waste anymore, start thinking of how to renovate it and transform it into the space where you love to live!

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