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Tips to ensure a good waterproofing before remodeling your Basement

According to the American society of home inspectors, 60% of the household in the United States are affected by humidity and it may cause wet basements. It is depressing to have water in the basement. Are you considering having a basement remodeling in Denver? One of the earliest things you want to do is to dry the area before starting the project. Basement remodeling contractors in Denver recommends you the same. In order to achieve that, waterproofing can be done. Even if you are not experiencing a water problem right now, it is necessary to do proofing works that could prevent any problems in the future.

  • Initially have a professional to analyze if there is any damage in your basement.  If you have gutters in the basement, it could result in water infiltrating from the exterior of your home. Therefore, inspect it first. Make sure that they are not dirty or clogged so that you can avoid water getting logged around the area of your house. This is achieved by installing water shoots at the foundation of the house or by extending the gutters away from the base of the house. After ensuring that there are no more water problems, be ready to waterproof the basement.
  • Then, dig a perimeter trench around the whole area of the basement as a start of the water proofing system. The next step is to construct a vapor barrier on the all of the foundation wall over the trench. This acts as a moisture barrier, which could keep away any moisture that tries to filter through the foundation and into the water proofing channel. By elevating the channel and backfilling it with drainage stone, the water would be taken away to an exit line from the walls and the floor drains.
  • While installing water guard system, make sure that it has a water port so that you could see what is going on inside the system.
  • Last but not least, Sump pump is the most important component of a successful water proofing system. The water would be collected here as it is the lowest point of the system. There are many types of pump available in the market. It is important to get the one with a back up pump to avoid flooding in case of any failure in the pump. Some pumps come with an air tight lid to avoid any evaporation happening in the basement and an alarm to alert in case everything else fails. Purchase those pumps to avoid any further consequence.

However, it is better to leave these works at the hands of professionals. This could prevent you causing any major damage to the basement and spending thousands more.

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