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The bathroom is the smallest room in the home and efficiently fitting all the essentials into this given space is indeed a challenge. Here are a few tips that can help you focus on remodeling your small bathroom into a highly functional unit.

Choose the Right Accessories

Adding the most basic accessories is sufficient to make your bathroom functional and appealing. Look for contemporary fittings that are compact and yet satisfy the needs efficiently. For instance choose a high sink to avoid clutter within the small space.

Choose the Right Lighting

You do not necessarily need ostentatious chandeliers to make your bathroom look perfect. A large window offers natural light and sufficient ventilation. Choose simple light fixtures for the walls and add a huge mirror on the opposite wall to disperse reflected light throughout the bathroom.

Add Ample Storage Space

Determine your storage need before planning your vanity area. Use the corners of the bathroom for storage. This helps to feel more spacious and makes use of the less accessed areas efficiently. You can also choose to place the storage cabinet with many drawers below the high sink.

Clear the Floor Area for A Spacious Look

The clearer the bathroom floor, the more spacious and functional it looks. Avoid placing huge trash cans and laundry bags on the bathroom floor. Experts suggest choosing floor tiles with large patterns to give the bathroom a more succinct look.

Watching an optimally functional bathroom take shape can be a lot of fun. Start by hiring an expert small bathroom remodeling contractor in Denver and you can be assured that your tiny private place will look better than any large one.

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