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Things You Shouldn’t Ignore While Finishing Basement

Have you finally decided to put that extra square foot of your home to some good use? Your options are endless. But no matter what you have decided to do with it, there are various factors to consider such as the budget, remodeling design, the age of the building and much more when you undergo basement remodeling in Denver. Not all basements are the same. Some might require additional works to ensure the effectiveness of the remodeling job. Here are some important things you shouldn’t ignore when you have a basement remodel in Denver,


Condensation occurs when the moisture from the air reacts with the cool walls and the flooring of the basement, especially if the condition is warm. Inspect all around to see if there is any water damage. It is very essential to ensure that your basement does not have any humidity or dampness before anything else. If you fail to address these problems, then you would have to face much costlier repairs later on.

Code violations

Depending on the rules of your locality, you must have certain permits for basement renovation in Denver. One of the most important code violations is not having egress windows in the basement. Without them, a person might have no alternative option to get away from the house in the case of an emergency. To know more about the codes and permits, talk to your local authorities. They would provide you with a list of requirements to follow during the remodeling.

Power back-ups

You should never ignore the possible risk of overflows in your basement. You should be prepared to meet power outages with the help of battery backed-up sump pump system. This formidable defense would prevent sewer water from entering your house in the course of high-pressure conditions.


It is your responsibility to keep your basements dry. Overflowing or settling gutters would let water to stay along the foundation walls, which is very bad for your building. Clean your gutters regularly and get rid of the leaves and debris so that the rainwater and melting snow would pass smoothly without overflowing them. Also, the basement windows must also be sealed by means of weathers stripping or caulking.

External issues

It is highly possible that you might have added flower beds, decks or pools to your property over the years. You could have even accidentally adjusted the flow of water towards the foundation. In that circumstances, repair those blunders as soon as possible. For a proper drainage, make sure that the ground slopes off from your building.

The things given above don’t require a lot of money but could make all the difference in your remodeling.

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