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Basements often serve better than just storage warehouses. They are remodeled to accommodate a new member of the family, the teenager who needs his “own space”, home offices or as a guest room. Regardless of the kind of space solution the basement offers there are some important parameters that need to be considered before getting on board with a basement renovation project.


The use of water and moisture proof materials while finishing the basement is mandatory. Groundwater and condensation are important causes for dampness in basements. Therefore you must check with your Colorado basement finishing contractor about the use of water resistant systems that minimize the risk of water damage.

Appropriate Lighting

A key factor that sets a lively ambience for the basement room is the use of appropriate lighting. Most basements do not accommodate enough sources for natural lighting. Check with your renovating contractor if you can add an egress window or a window well to the basement. If not you must ensure you have sufficient perimeter lighting, wall sconces or recessed lighting installed for a better feel of the room.

Conceal the Ducts and Wires

The wires, pipes and the ducts on the basement ceiling must be handled well to create an aesthetic look. Choose techniques like drywalls, drop ceilings, creative painting of the obstructions to tackle the problem easily.

Ensure all Safety Measures Are Adopted

A basement can be used in many ways and the renovation plan needs to satisfy a different set of codes for different purposes. Check with your contractor regarding all permits before you finalize the plan and purchase all the required materials.

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