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Remember these 6 Designs Tips before Remodeling your Bathroom

Bathroom remodeling projects are quite strenuous for many. There are several questions that pop up in the minds of homeowners with regards to bathroom remodeling. Some of them can be regarding the spacing; others might be about the aesthetics/designs and so on. There are so many things that go into bathroom remodeling and only a professional can make it perfect down to the last detail. Before commencing your bathroom remodeling project in Denver, here are 6 design tips that’d help:

1. Never make your Toilet Immediately Visible:

Your guests would never be impressed when they walk into your house and see the toilet first as your bathroom door is open. Hence, ask the designer to remodel your bathroom in such a way that your toilet isn’t immediately visible. It is ideal to hide the toilet behind a cabinet wall.

2. Implement a Lighting Scheme:

Your bathroom has to be well-lit, so don’t forget to incorporate a good ambient and decorative lighting scheme to make it more aesthetically appealing. You can make it more functional and useful by using scones or by adding lights above the mirror.

3. The Height of Sink:

Normally, countertops are 32 to 34 inches above the floor. You will have to decide on the countertop height with regards to the type of sink. For instance, if you are placing an above-counter vessel sink, make sure to lower the height of the countertop to brush your teeth or wash your hands easily.

4. Tiny tub for Tiny Spaces:

Most people who own a small bathroom are under the impression that a bathroom tub is not an option for them. But if you have a tiny space, then you can definitely go for tiny tubs. Several companies today design compact bathroom tubs that fit in small spaces.

5. Invest in high-end materials:

The secret to making bathrooms look elegant and durable for many years to come is investing in high-end materials. This could be a great investment as your bathroom will not just look luxurious but remain free from frequent maintenance as well. As you buy materials for a small portion of your bathroom such as countertops, it will fit within your budget.

6. Find the Right Vanity:

Picking the right vanity is crucial in regard of bathroom remodeling. They should never be a hindrance to traffic in your bathroom. Hence opt for one that is neither too big nor too small. Investing in too compact ones will make you search for more space. Also, make sure you find the right material to prevent infuriating repairs.

Apart from the above design aspects, keep in mind the overall cost of bathroom remodeling. Analyze your expectations and think how much you’d like to invest. A Denver bathroom remodeling expert can also help out with this by looking at the size of your bathroom, listening to your requirements and arriving at an estimate for the project.

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