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Check And Install Radon Mitigation Systems For Basement Finish To Be Free From Disastrous Hazards!

The basement remodeling project is a lucrative opportunity, where the basement remodeling contractor like the experienced experts Vista Remodeling can accomplish many things, to your advantage. Checking and Installation of Radon Mitigation Systems at your home is one, whereby you and your family members including kids are saved from the disastrous consequences of inhaling Radon Gas.

Know some alarming facts about Radon Gas:

Radon is a radioactive gas emitted from the soil beneath your home. It is prevalent everywhere in the U.S., according to experts. Radon comes from the rocks, soils and water from the uranium inherent on the earth, by the breakdown process by radioactive waves. It gets into your home and any other buildings and premises like offices, schools etc. in the air you breathe unknowingly. You can’t see, smell or taste Radon Gas.
Medical reports holler thousands die due to lung cancer caused by Radon Gas every year. When you inhale this dangerous gas, you get lung cancer. In the U.S., the Surgeon General has warned that as of today lung cancer is the second highest cause for deaths; the first being cigarette smoking. If the person has high indoor levels of Radon Gas at home, the place where they spend most of their time, the chances of lung cancer are also high; and if the person is addicted to smoking, the peril doubles and getting lung cancer is almost certain.

How Radon gets into your home?

The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has published lot of illustrative details about Radon Gas and its perils. It says since Radon being heavier than air, the gas emanating from the underground soil seeps through the basement first. The chances of penetration are provided by – cracks in solid floors; construction joints; cracks in walls; gaps in suspended floor; gaps around service pipes; cavities inside walls and also the water supplying wells.
Almost 1 in every 15 U.S. homes is prone to Radon Gas seepage, the report says. Because of the feature of Radon Gas to lay low inside the home, get trapped inside and builds in volume, infants and crawling kids sustain this peril more, than people standing on the floor. More frequently, infants sleeping inside the basement bedroom are susceptible to inhaling Radon Gas.

Positive sides of the Radon problem:

EPA and Surgeon General give assuaging news though. You can test the Radon levels at your home by experts, and with appropriate Radon Mitigation Systems installed, 99% of the Radon Gas entering your home can be prevented and sent out. The basement remodeling contractor with years of experience like Vista Remodeling in basement finishing can handle this problem perfectly, and save you and your family from the danger.
They will employ the concept of suction of Radon Gas from the underground soil, with a proper Radon Mitigation System at the time of basement finishing to install radon mitigation systems, performing the piping work with expertise and vent out the gas above the roof level into the atmosphere.

Checking the Radon levels:

EPA advises the amount of Radon Gas prevalent in the air can be measured in “picocuries per liter of air,” or “pCi/L. The permissible limit of Radon Gas is it should not exceed 4 pCi/L. With appropriate efforts of your basement remodeling contractor to install radon mitigation systems, in most of the homes the level is brought below 2 pCi/L.
Checking the Radon Gas level can be done in two ways – short term test and long term test. The basement remodeling experts can use the services of qualified Radon testers in your area, before taking up the task of basement finishing. And according to the results obtained in tests, they will install radon mitigation systems that are best suited for your home.
There are sophisticated Radon Test Kits available as on date, and so testing the levels of Radon Gas at your home or any such premises is not a problem.

Work involved for basement finishing for Radon Gas prevention:

Experienced experts in home remodeling and basement finishing like Vista Remodeling, Denver, feel it a duty to regard the home owner’s and their family’s safety at the top. You can’t take chances with such hazardous elements like Radon Gas emission, particularly when the health care of kids is involved.
As such, you can leave the responsibility of checking, installing and other connected works like sealing foundation cracks as well as other openings that can invite Radon Gas into the home, before basement finish to your basement remodeling contractor. When everything gets completed, the crew of Vista Remodeling will again ensure by checking the Radon Gas emission, and show you that you can be relaxed and relieved from the worry of Radon Gas problem permanently.

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