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Prepare your Basement for Finishing – These Tips would help

Basement has been subjected to home improvement by plenty of homeowners out there and basement remodeling or finishing has become a great choice for people to increase their living space. Unlike finding a new house that’s larger and roomy than the existing one, basement remodeling has changed the minds of residents in utilizing their basements to gain that extra space. To prepare for basement finishing in Denver, find these tips below:

Check the Foundation and ensure there’s a robust Waterproofing System:

The first thing you should do is to inspect the foundation. Analyze any signs of water leakage, see if there are cracks and crevices that can contribute to extensive damage. Contact a professional to inspect them and have them repaired. Water problems can only make things worse; hence it is essential that they are attended to at the earliest. This can effectively prevent mold from showing up.

Protect from Plumbing Leaks:

One of the most common forms of water leaks is found in water heaters and washing machine hoses. Water heaters age in time and will instigate water leaks that can flood the basement. Install a ring at the base of water heater that can carry and drain the seepage without leakage. Also, use washing machine hoses that can withstand adequate water pressure without affecting the basement.

Use a Sump Pump:

For basement finishing, it is crucial to invest in a good quality sump pump. A sump pump can protect your basement from flooding and will make that your basement remains dry all the time, regardless of a power outage. A battery backup will also ensure that the machine keeps functioning even when the primary pump fails.

Install Water Barriers on Walls:

Installing water barriers will help greatly in making basement finishing projects successful. Water vapor that seeps through the basement walls can increase the humidity level in the basement. This can damp the finishing materials and lead to mold damage. This is why one must install vapor barrier that can keep the walls dry and the basement at lower humidity levels.

Examine the Basement Windows:

If your basement windows have aged, or are rotting and rusty, it is time for them to be replaced. Also, note that windows that aren’t properly installed can cause water to get into your basement. Hence seek a professional who can properly install windows in such a way that water isn’t leaked and it doesn’t contribute to dampness in basements.

Exterior Checks:

Ensure that the downspouts are kept as far to prevent water being collected close to the foundation. Also, keep away soil surrounding the foundation, and lastly, keep the gutters clean.

Deal with the experts who have knowledge and experience in basement finishing in Denver. They can easily determine any underlying problem and find solutions for the same without flaws.

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