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When you undertake projects for entire house remodeling or only partial remodeling like mere interior remodeling or comprehensive kitchen or bathroom remodeling, you encounter so many questions. All these questions running in your mind will be relating how to achieve the maximum mileage, spending only minimum cost as connected expenditure. Any seasoned expert professional remodeling contractor can guide you well in this regard though. One such pertinent question is what type of Interior Paint Finish you want to adopt?
Deciding on this important question, in conjunction with your overall desire to get maximum advantage can be possible, if only you know about this subject fairly to some extent. Here are some tips to help you out.
Surely you may have clear ideas about which color you want to be painted in each room, and other utility areas of your home. But besides the particular color applications, through professional painting jobs carried out by your remodeling contractor’s crew, the “Finish” that can be obtained from the paint you buy for your home renovation project is important.

There are two types of paints available in the market, namely water-based such as latex or acrylic; and oil-based like alkyd etc.
While painting each area of your home, there are certain factors you need consider beforehand. The look, durability, clean-ability and ambience etc. come on top of these considerations. The main characteristics of the paint-finish decide these factors to your best advantage. Remember once again – you want a perfect paint-finish and shine that suits best of best to the painting surface in question. There are some standard usages recommended by experts for years together, and proven by experience of the homeowners all over the country, with regard to paint-finishes as given below:

Flat finish
Eggshell finish
Satin finish
Semi-gloss finish
High-gloss finish

Flat Finish:

Understandable by the name given, this is a finish you can get on surfaces flat in shape giving you matte (dull without sheen) effect. Eventually, the color will be darker. Conventionally water-based paints were used for giving a matte surface effect on formal living rooms, adult bedrooms, dining rooms and sparingly used rooms. All said and done, Flat Finish paints get priority for painting on ceilings throughout. It can cover up by its thickness any flaws, cracks, bumps and other imperfections on the surface well. However, the surfaces cannot be washed and as it needs mostly one coat, any defective or dull paint-area should be repainted again. So Flat Finish is not suitable for high-traffic areas like kitchen, bathroom etc. including kids’ bedroom.

Egg Shell Finish:

Like the shell of an egg, this finish has low sheen. This quality of low sheen makes Egg Shell finish being best suitable for hallways, living rooms, smaller bedrooms, and family rooms etc. Importantly, the painted surfaces with this finish can be washed frequently, unlike Flat Finishes and so you can use this for your kids’ bedrooms for reasons obvious.

Satin Finish:

By the name you can understand that the shining of this finish will give a “satin” look for surfaces. This is more popular among painters, owing to its versatile use and better cleaning abilities among home owners. You can use a fantastic color with this Satin Finish in hallways, doors, walls, woodwork, trim, bedrooms and dining rooms to have a pleasing look. While this is wash-able, it’s not scrub-able. So not ideal for surfaces where you want to scrub and clean often.

Semi-gloss Finish:

In every home you’ve areas more prone to water or other liquids get splashing, spilling, or steaming like kitchen and bathroom. Remodeling crew always prefers painting this Semi-gloss Finish giving a subtle-gloss effect, resistant to dirt, washable and scrub-able to get cleaned neatly and perfectly. In higher humidity areas this finish can perform exceedingly well, than satin or flat finishes. Ideal surfaces will be kids’ play-rooms, bedrooms, doors, trim, hallways and windows etc. to achieve excellent results.

High-gloss Finish:

These finishes give a highly cozy looks by their highest sheen. For upscale finishing-needed surfaces for posh appearance, contractors unhesitatingly use this finish. The qualities of this finish are cleanable, stain-resistant and extremely durable. But the same light-reflecting nature of the gloss-surface magnifies the imperfections on the surface, to the maximum. This needs very careful preparations of the surface by the crew working extra time. If you need a flashy and dramatic look on your furniture, cabinets or trim, go in for this High-gloss finish.

Best advice is you use the services of experienced expert house remodeling, interior remodeling and comprehensive remodeling contractors like Vista Remodeling Denver CO, who can guide you to achieve cost-effective but exemplary interior painting ideas.

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