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Have you ever observed closely when a project of kitchen remodel or bathroom remodeling is under way? If so, you’d have noticed that the remodeling crew takes pains while finishing the surfaces of floors, walls and kitchen countertops decorated with tiles. They’ll strive hard to make the surface smooth, even, durable and glossy while fixing the tiles. The coordinating compound or material to join the gaps between tiles is called “Grout” and the process involved is grouting.
Although when you look the grouting process done by expert professionals deputed by remodeling contractor, it may seem simple (by the fastness of grouting done, attained by years of experience). But there are many nuances and intricacies involved, right from selecting the ideal grouting material to ultimate color theme, and glossy finish of the surface in question.

Depending upon your remodeling contractor’s suggestion, your concurrence about the budget and requirement of the proposed floor and wall tiling needs, the following Grout Types are used generally:

Cement-based grout
Epoxy Grout

Let’s see each in its individual perspective, use and benefits. At the outset, remember grouts are used for – filling the void; locking the tiles together and tighter; give strength to the tiles by bonding; prevent edges of tiles from cracking or chipping off; keep water out from infringing; and finally give the floor or wall surface a “finished look”.

Sanded Grout:

As the name itself suggests, the compound used for grouting contains sand. Generally this is the default choice for many construction or remodeling jobs, for adding strength to the surface. For example, wherever there are more chances for cracking of the tiles by usage like shower floor, frontage floors, sidewalks and portico floors, sanded grout must be the apt choice.


Sanded Grout is chosen for filling wider gaps above 1/16 inch. The strengthening properties (like concrete) give more durability to the surfaces, even undergoing rough use.


The remodeling or construction crew can easily handle Sanded Grout and so the work may be finished faster. This is comparatively cheap in the market, owing to the cheaper price of sand. Gets tough over time and gives strength for the surface; color pigments are added to give you wider choices for selection to go with the color of tiles. Washing with water, bleaching and scrubbing are easier due to its abrasive strength.

Non Sanded Grout:

A compound made with the same formula as Sanded Grout sans sand and adding expensive polymers, mostly mixture of cement with dye pigments for creating colors is called Non Sanded Grout. This is used for narrow joint widths, often in stone/tile installations.


This smooth-to-the-touch grout is used in delicate and smaller joints. It can easily crack over time even without pressure, and yet in finer grouting gaps, where Sanded Grout does not fit into the joints, you can use this.


Due to fine-texture, Non Sanded Grout can ably sit into minute joints between tiles and offers an array of color combinations, in tiling and finish.

Cement-based Grout:

This is the conventional one widely used before modern technologies in flooring and finishing came into being. A dry-mixture of Portland cement, it needs no extraordinary expertise to use this filler, wherever wanted for tiling and flooring.


This is suitable for a variety of applications as filling, jointing and strengthening.


Versatility of applications, less-expensive and easy to use anywhere are star benefits.

Epoxy Grout:

The most sophisticated of them all in grouting for modern construction and remodeling ideas is the specialty of Epoxy Grout. This Grout is in two parts – resin and hardener.


Owing to its superiority in hardness, durability and stain-resistance, this is considered as best choice for tiling kitchen counters, floors, backsplashes, and almost all heavy-traffic areas.


Excellent color combinations, glossy finishes and upscale kitchen floors can be evolved by Epoxy Grout, by experienced experts in kitchen remodel and bathroom remodeling like Vista Remodeling Denver CO.
Surely, the use of appropriate grouting makes all the difference in your home tiles and flooring to appear fantastic.

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