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Five Interesting Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Small kitchens need the perfect layout to look and feel good. Even the smallest shortcomings in design can offer a feeling of discomfort and may end up leaving the corners wasted. If you have a small kitchen and not too happy with its functions and ambiance, you must hire a kitchen remodeling contractor in Denver!

Share these simple ideas with your contractor and get the best out of the refurbishment project.

  • Embrace white for a spacious feel

Paint your kitchen white as the color reflects light and gives the kitchen a spacious feel. Also, by painting your kitchen walls, cabinets, countertops and ceiling in white, you tend to form a seamless space. The white background also opens several options while choosing complementary colors. For instance, you can go completely subtle by picking pastel shades for your furniture and wall décor or give your small kitchen a contemporary look by picking bright, contrasting shades like orange and yellow.

  • Modify your cabinetry to cut the clutter

Small kitchens with closed cabinets can make the space look even smaller. Replace the cabinet doors with glass and this allows the eyes to go beyond the cabinet and right up to the walls. This is a simple yet effective way to create a spacious space. However, it is important to keep the cabinet contents in proper order for a neat and cohesive look.

  • Invite natural light into your kitchen

Small kitchens with no ventilation can look and feel like a dungeon. Discuss with your Denver-based kitchen remodeling contractor about window treatments and other ways of increasing the amount of natural light that is entering the kitchen. Natural light makes the kitchen look better, enlarged and offers a fresh feel to space.

  • Make every corner functional

A small kitchen can still be designed to accommodate a lot of things and can turn out to be as functional as any big kitchen. Think about the different utilities you would like to include in the kitchen space and make a plan with the kitchen remodel contractor in Denver before you purchase your furnishings and kitchen equipment. When you are planning to use all the space available, ensure there is nothing heavy on the floor and the chosen furniture has a narrower base.

  • Choose wall and floor patterns carefully

The right floors and walls can create a wider appeal for any room in a home and the kitchen is no exception. Geometric patterns or diagonal lines draw the attention of the eyes from one corner to the other thus making the room look bigger. A contemporary small kitchen design idea is to opt for walls and floors in black and white patterns and then add a dash of bright colors like red and green to the furnishings and décor items.

With the right kitchen remodeling contractor in Denver small kitchens can be made to look bigger, brighter and more beautiful too.

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