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Most of the American homes are catching up with the lucrative idea of remodeling their basement, an area forsaken for a long time in the old-fashioned homes. This way, the homeowner gets vast unutilized space into a fully finished and furnished home below their home, to enjoy happily at a fraction of the building cost. While making all the plans for providing utmost comforts in your newly acquired basement-home, through experienced experts like Vista Remodeling, Denver, you should also give some thought about safety – the predominant reason for installing an Egress Window.

Why you need to install Egress Window?

First of all your basement finishing should comply with the laws of the land. The National Building Code insists upon the compulsory provision of basement egress window as a must. Your basement finishing contractor has to adhere to the rules scrupulously. So you can consider the following advantages of installing an escape basement window:


Your family members including kids should feel safe and happy at home. There are many hazards at home, whether you like it or not. The American Fire Service puts the figure of fire accidents and deaths every year to 4000 lives and 20000 injured very badly. Most of them could have been saved, if only a safe-escape-route was made available for them. A basement egress window will serve that purpose, in case of any emergencies occurring at home to flee; and also provide the scope for the fire fighting personnel to enter along with their equipments, to save precious human lives.

Natural Light and Ventilation:

You’re carrying out basement finishing for happy living. A basement egress window can bring enormous Natural Light in an otherwise dingy, dark basement room, along with the direly needed ventilation in larger volume.

Added Value to your Home: Since the basement egress window in line with the building codes is installed, automatically it enhances the home value manifold; and you can get back the installation cost several times, with a beautifully designed egress window, when the sale price is evaluated by buyers by the increased overall square footage.

Aesthetic Design:

When you take up basement remodeling through expert professionals like Vista Remodeling, they always look for beautification wherever possible, along with providing comforts and conveniences. An egress window when fitted as escapement basement window, there is much scope for beautification. The basement finishing contractor will take care of that while building the egress window well. It gives enormous room for creativity in decorating the well, even by some “landscape” design to beautify the drab space, by green plant beds.

What are the minimum stipulations for egress window?

Rules are specific for the size and specification of the escapement basement window, considering many points for its ultimate usage. Minimum opening area should be 5.7 square feet (to allow easy exist and entrance at times of emergencies); the bottom of the opening should not exceed 44 inches from the finished floor (for easy access whenever needed); minimum opening height should be 24 inches and 20 inches wide (to be located ideally in the wall); must have a glass area of not less than 8% of the room (to allow sufficient natural light); and the opening area not less than 4% of total floor area (to allow natural ventilation).
All these legally needed stipulations will be taken care of by the basement finishing contractor, like Vista Remodeling conspicuously.

Where it is required to install egress window?

The objectives of installing an egress window were discussed earlier. With these objectives in view, the ideal place for basement egress window will be where it is made to best use. For the objects of safety, letting in natural light and air, logically it would be most ideal to install the egress window – in the bedroom if you’ve one. In the absence of a bedroom, all other rooms such as study room, gym, entertainment room, home office etc. will be suitable.
In bedroom it’s always ideal because when you sleep you’ll never know the peril of a fire caused; and on a sudden impulse you’ll seek the nearest egress point to escape. Secondly the egress window well can be a beauty to look at, from inside the bedroom through the open window. Your basement finishing company will advise you the best course of action, though.

Approximately, what it would cost for an egress window installation?

You must understand that installing an egress window in your basement needs digging or cutting a hole, in the concrete or concrete-blocks wall. Excavation, clearance of debris, arranging for rain-water drain, moisture control preparation, installation of steel lintel, frames etc. are the activities associated with the installation job.
Best bet is you can use the existing window or opening for ventilation, for provision of a code-compliant egress window, and reduce the cost to some extent. However, experts at Vista Remodeling by their experience say roughly you should be prepared to spend $2000 to $4000 on a moderate egress window with well.
And remember, your basement egress window installation is an expense worth doing, not only for following the building code, but also ensuring your safety! Please contact us with any questions or comments about our egress window installation service – https://www.vistaremodeling.com/basement-finishing

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