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When you enter any kitchen, what catches the eye strikingly and enhances the wholesome beautiful look of the kitchen? Surely it is the kitchen countertop that covers the majority space, occupied by the kitchen. Since the activities in the kitchen are mostly performed standing, we need elevated kitchen counters up to hip level. And this elevated platform need to be covered by an even-surface, through an eye-catching countertop made out of an array of materials in vogue for that purpose.

If your kitchen has not been emitting such a great look, don’t worry. Kitchen remodeling project by experts like Vista Remodeling, Denver can perform that magic by their vast experience, in handling assorted kitchens by sizes, models, designs, locations, life-styles, and budgets to the gleeful satisfaction of lots of home owners like you.

The kitchen is the heart of a home. You may not be using any other rooms day in and day out like it exclusively. So by the frequency of usage your kitchen needs a tidy-look always, even though no visitors or guests are going to pass comments upon. In your own interest for kindled spirits, you need an impeccable looking kitchen. As said earlier, by providing idealistic kitchen countertops all over, no doubt you can greatly enhance the overall kitchen appearance as mind-pleasing.

At the time of kitchen remodeling, you get the best opportunity to redesign your kitchen lucratively, the way you’ve been dreaming all along. You need use best ideas for kitchen countertop designing with appropriate materials that go with it. When we say appropriate materials for kitchen countertops that means you’ve widest options to exercise, depending on many factors.

Virtually, the factors to be taken into consideration in selecting the right material for a superlative countertop from the big list are – your life-style; number of family members; convenience for maintenance every day; longevity of life; perfect gleaming finish to look appealing always; and above all your budget. Baffled? No need – here are best kitchen countertop ideas offered by experts from Vista Remodeling, analysing the various and prominent materials that can serve your purpose in Kitchen remodeling.

Formica Laminated Countertop:

Grouped under Plastic Laminates, the manufacturer’s name Formica has stuck up with it, in this neat and tidy countertop material of popular choice in post-war homes. With the flexibility to make any design as you like, by the material’s varied range of customizable edges as well as finishes, this material comes with any color you can imagine and like to use in your smart kitchen.
Normally three layers of materials are bonded together with a wafer-thin finish upon plywood base. So you get a material that can withstand stains, heat, and such other impacts as tested and proven. Comparatively easy to install, Formica Laminate is crowned as least expensive countertop material you can buy. Cost when installed works out to $8 to $20 per square foot.
Lasts long bearing wear and tear heavily. Easy to maintain; but not easy to repair.

Ceramic Tile or Natural Stone with grout lines:

Affordability clubbed with durability pushes upfront, these Stone or Ceramic tiles for using to design your kitchen counters. The materials can last for decades. Stone tiles are made from slabs like granite or marble. Therefore you can achieve the similarity in look at a fraction of the cost. 12 by 12 slabs are commonly used for counters along with mini slabs of 18 inches width.
For using with the countertop, you can select the same ceramic tiles used for your backsplash, to maintain look and uniformity – better still to use glazed tiles for non porous surfaces. Maintenance and cleaning regularly made easy with warm water and using mild soap (harsher or acidic cleansers will damage grouts quickly). Your experienced expert remodeling contractor and crew will bestow care in providing the best suitable grouting though.
The particular disadvantage is cleaning the grout joints will be taking your time.
Cost is estimated by experts as $10 to $50 per square foot for ceramic tiles and $30 to $70 for stone tiles.

Granite Countertops:

In a study conducted by the National Association of Home Builders, 71% of the home owners opted for Granite Countertops as their first choice. This huge popularity is born out of Granite being almost a precious stone, with plenty of character, unique grains forming variety of colors, to produce customizable finishes.
Granite can be at the same time affordable or budget-breaking. If you select some exotic varieties, the cost will escalate madly. And you’ll be paying for unused portions also, if you don’t select the exact size of the natural stone for your kitchen granite countertop purpose.
For longevity, Granite can outlast the age of the home when properly sealed in the process of kitchen granite countertop. The Remodeling contractor by their experience can take care of that. You can use their expertise in selecting the right stones and slabs from the sellers, so that you can save a lot of money.
There are actually many finishes for kitchen granite countertop such as – Polished; Honed; Brushed/satin; Leather; Flamed/thermal; and Antique – each will be special in its own way, as you can learn from expert remodeling contractors like Vista Remodeling.
Advantages of Granite are – toughness to resist heat and scratch; bears up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit; when properly sealed can resist stain and water infiltration; and limitless choices for pattern or design to radiate beauty all over the sparkling kitchen. Cleaning is breeze with soft cloth and recommended cleansers for Granite.
Disadvantage is installation process will be tricky and can be handled properly only by experts. Cost escalation will be hectic if you choose exotic varieties. Otherwise normal cost will be $50 to $100 per square foot.


So many adjectives are attached to Marble as Kitchen Counter material like classic, elegant, stylish, luxurious and unrivaled beauty. All of them are fitting snugly for Marble, since the sheen on the surface (Patina) makes the whole kitchen glimmering. Particularly people love White Marble stones, for obvious reasons of imperial look.
This is also natural stone but softer then Granite. Marble countertops give a soft feel and warmth and the durability will be excellent. Lots of color choices are offered in this naturally cool stone. Along with the advantages of timeless usage, gleaming surface like polished wood and long durability for decades, there is also the disadvantage of absorbing scratches and stains easily, to offer an awful look in those places.
Maintenance can be done by regular washing with a soft cloth and warm water and special detergents available for Marble. Cost is varying from $70 to $100 per square foot installed, depending upon the stone you choose.

Soap Stone:

A durable natural choice by many home owners, Soapstone Kitchen Counters resists chemicals, bacteria and stains. The heat resistance power makes it dear for people, to opt for generations in old-fashion homes with stoves. Over years, the medium gray color changes into deep charcoal. On the advantage side durability weighs heavily in favor; easy to maintain by washing with mild soap; no stains from acids of tomato or lime etc.
The disadvantage is Soap Stone is made up of mineral talc and softer than other stones, the edges and corners get eased up over time. Cost is more of expensive side from $80 to $100 per square foot installed.


Engineered Quartz, the man-made material for kitchen tops is stunning by its versatility of usages and myriad of color options. Systematically blending 90 to 95 percent ground Quartz and 5 to 10 percent resins Quartz is made up. So it has the qualities of Granite for durability and that of Resins for flexibility and resistance power for toxic and allergenic contents, when used in kitchen; non-porous and therefore withstands stains and scratches. And the only disadvantage is the Resin content is not heat tolerant. Cost is very expensive due to flexible usages and ranges from $95 to $105 per square foot installed.
Trust you get a clear idea now for your next kitchen remodeling, for a greatly glittering kitchen with eye-popping countertops visit us today at https://www.vistaremodeling.com!

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