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Have you ever thought of that with little bit of smartness, you can bring your mostly unutilized Basement Area into an enchanting “New Home”? In this newly acquired home-space, you never imagined possible, you can install many comforts, perks and amenities cherished by your family and kids as a joyful hangout. All that is required is to entrust that project with people to trust – the seasoned and well-experienced Home Remodeling Contractors like Vista Remodeling, Colorado. Let’s see the potentials available.
The basement area in most of the homes goes forsaken drastically. For years together, people have been blissful in believing mistakenly that the whole area of basement is hidden from the focal point of visitors, guests and onlookers. This area is totally out of reckoning for refurbishment and so the thinking is amounts spent in makeovers will be a waste. But modern thinking with the help of advanced technology solutions have offered a blessing in disguise, for homeowners to hit jackpot. You can be a winner too if you look into the possibilities that lay ahead, just for your grabbing.
Broadly, your basement can be magically transformed into a lavish Family Room; a beautifully decorated mind-pleasing Recreation Room; an affordable and cost-effective Home Theater; an all-containing workable modern Kitchen with attached Laundry Area; a warm and inviting resting arena with lovely Fireplace; and a fully-stocked Wet Bar for the enjoyment of the home guy or socializing with friends in couples and a lot more.
As said earlier, the task can be confidently left with the seasoned basement remodeling contractor. They know by experience what is to be done to your basement remodeling project, completely in accordance with your wishes and budget. Yet there is no harm in learning a few vital points, in converting your basement area for your formidable use and how best each portion of the project is finished to your 100% satisfaction. Here goes the list of tips:

Family Room:

By converting the hidden space inside your basement, you enjoy more freedom to do what you want (but according to code limitations stipulated). The basement family room is your own for all intents and purposes, with regard to style, furnishing, decoration and comforts needed. You can openly discuss everything pertaining to the expected makeover plans with the basement remodeling contractor, without inhibitions.
Your Family Room is exclusive for spending valuable family time to rest and relax. Obviously, this must be the entrance-point of the entire basement area; and so it should be furnished attractively with vases, chandeliers, artwork, candles and pillows etc. to make a great impression. The object should be to spend time happily there, couching in comfortable cushion sofa-sets in an atmosphere of eye-pleasing lighting, warm and cozy settings. A large-screen TV is a must, aided by appropriate cabinetry for stocking everything you need, at an arms-reach when wanted.
It would be to your advantage to reveal everything that you desire in this basement family room well in advance with the contractor, to visualize the space availability and provisioning needed space accordingly.

Recreation Room:

Entertaining family members and guests is the main objective of providing an ideal, stylish and unique basement recreation room to serve your purposes. Vast variations can be chosen in accomplishing this recreation space of your home. Users of this room, be it adults or kids should feel utmost comfort here. That said you need to discuss elaborately with the professional remodeling contractor, as to what are the facilities you need get provided in the available space, which will make things easier for improvisation of appropriate allocation of space layout by the designer.
A place for fun making, family members can make use for physical exercises, games, crafts and other indoor-sports as well. Of late, it’s getting most popular to furnish and decorate the basement recreation room with a particular theme – may be an old billiards room plan or weekly game nights for the family – as you wish.

Home Theater:

Converting the newly achieved basement space for the use of the family members, including teens and kids is the predominant advantage. On that list, providing a comfortable basement theater tops them all. The feel should be one that the audience should enjoy not only the film, but also the comforts afforded by the atmosphere you derive in this arena.
Luxuriously comfortable cushions, well-controlled ambient temperature, excellent acoustic arrangements, sound-proofing the walls and ceiling, a mini-bar or fridge to keep beverages and snacks etc. add more pep to this exclusive space, for your family’s enjoyment. Especially, sound proofing by expert remodeling crew escalates the joy of the audience, from avoiding outside sounds penetrating inside, as well as the sounds emanating from within disturbing the residents at the original house.
Thus by working in unison with the remodeling contractor, your home gets a permanent addition of entertainment by way of a basement theater that can sky-up the value of your home in the market, like rocket. This is the top-most benefit of basement finishing.

Wet Bar:

A wet bar adds luxury for homeowners that is achieved by smart planning of basement remodeling. Whether you throw more parties to friends or wish to enjoy your drinks in seclusion, a basement wet bar can provide excellent space for both. Here is the advantage that is not commonly available in the floor-level homes. For establishing an enchanting wet bar, you can use awkwardly left loose spaces like under the stair-case, nooks and corners of the basement, inside any room of your choice.
The game-room is the preferred choice for this by many homes. The design is carried out according to your wish by the contractor – whether you want to make the basement wet bar a classic and elegant one with marble or granite countertops, dark wood tables, leather wrapped stools or budget-friendly wine glasses and furnishings.


Modern technology has brought forth newer ideas for the home makers in evolving excellent kitchens that has extended into providing a well-balanced, well-equipped and well-laid out basement kitchen. All the comforts and equipments that are provided in the original kitchens at floor-levels can be established in these ideally-sized kitchens, for the family as well.
The remodeling contractor and crew take care of that provided you detail them of your requirements beforehand. When finished you’ll wonder why you did not get this idea for so long. An exclusively aloof basement kitchen, away from the disturbances of daily life at homes makes using it happier for the home-makers; and they can keep the floor-level home still cleaner and odorless totally. Another advantage by basement finishing is thus derived.

Laundry Area:

The ideal location of the laundry area is to provide it closer to the kitchen. Two reasons of proximity to the water outlets and inlet, as well as using cleaning materials frequently on the floor justify this placement. A basement laundry is no exception to this convenience. Keeping the laundry smaller is another technically sound idea, for obvious reasons. A nook or corner nearer to the kitchen can easily accommodate this regularly used area.
An efficient basement laundry area can be evolved by using the expertise of the remodeling contractor, in selecting the energy-saving machines; stacking appliances in their places; providing cabinets; open shelving or cubbies etc. can be carried out with perfect planning and measurement of sizes.


Usually, the basement area is prone to severe climatic conditions – chilling cold in winter and scorching heat in summer. It’s true most of the times we’re inconvenienced by chiller weather. A perfectly selected and installed basement fireplace will help reduce the hardships to a great extent. Contractors by their varied experience of providing assorted fireplaces of types, gas, electric and conventional ones at various homes can easily understand the scope for your home basement area.
The duty of the fireplace installed at your basement is to keep your place warm and inviting. At the same time it should never pose any hindrances, hazards and suffocation. Proper ventilation and escapement of excess heat are vital. Only experienced professionals from the remodeling contractor can accomplish the best suited basement fireplace for you at affordable cost. Don’t ever forget this.


Of all the exercises involved in home remodeling, bathroom remodeling is the trickiest. This is because we’re using the bathroom inescapably everyday and the basement bathroom provision is trickier still. There are many concepts in providing the most ideal bathroom arrangement, when taking up basement finishing by the contractor crew. Ticklish jobs are involved in providing the plumbing connections, shower, flooring tiles and keeping the whole area dry, hygienic and comfortable.
Cost-effective ideas can be derived from efficient basement remodeling contractors, which can save hugely for you. So keep close liaison with them for designing, filling and equipping your basement bathroom in a proper location, with expertise and excellence.

Overall Finishing of Basement Remodeling:

Ideal basement remodeling contractors like Vista Remodeling Colorado take immense care and caution, in comprehensive finishing of the remodeling project for your basement area. There are many sidelines involved like stair-cases, walls, flooring, electric connections, plumbing, water-proofing, lighting and ceiling, including provision of appropriate appliances, furniture and equipments. Your satisfaction is guaranteed by these professionals in providing the best of best basement remodeling and finishing. Enjoy!

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