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If you had ever set a barefoot on your bathroom tile-floor, you might have tasted the shocking unpleasantness of numbness of cold attacking. But every one of us has to invariably enter the bathroom, first thing in the morning. If at all you think smart and act smart, you can bid goodbye to that icy-chill feeling forever. The easiest and shorted route is to install Heated Radiant Floor. If you don’t have this comfort already, the next option is to contact immediately an experienced bathroom remodelling contractor (like Vista Remodeling, Denver) and ask them to fix latest Heated Radiant Floor there.
For those who are not conversant with the Radiant Floor Heating technique, here is an intro. Conventional means of heating up entire homes with furnaces, blowers, air-heating etc. have been in vogue for a long time. Modern technology experts thought why heat up the entire home with so much of pipelines, air-blowers, controls and other paraphernalia, when the unused portions of the home in a typical day unnecessarily incur energy spent.
Instead, they thought why not warm-up only the specific rooms, especially wet-areas like bathroom, where the tiles easily absorb cold and transmit it to the feet of the family members. Result is you’ve today advanced Heated Radiant Floor systems, efficiently installed by an expert bathroom remodelling contractor.

Varieties of Heated Radiant Floor Systems:

The principle followed for providing bathroom heated floor is the heat should come from the ground upwards. The radiated heat should spread evenly all over the room surfaces, including walls and any person stepping upon inside. In order to execute this principal, there are two ways – Hydronic Radiant Heating and Electric Radiant Heating.
In the Hydronic system, hot water is circulated via metal or plastic tubes under the floor at high temperature, so that the heat gets absorbed by the floor tiles and transmitted upwards. In the Electric system, prefabricated wires in the form of compact mats are laid down the floor or cables are laid afresh under the floor, according to the design of the floor.

Installation Process for Radiant Floor Heating:

The Hydronic Radiant Heating System involves labor extensively, to lay pipelines in circuits throughout the floor. This needs additional plumbing, valves, checks and controls, and equipment for specific system operation and flow from boilers. Storage tank and boiler for domestic hot water generation along with safety controls are also to be installed. While bathroom remodeling is done, naturally there will be need for plumbing work to be done by the staff of the contractor. So this installation can also be accomplished well by the experienced plumbers and masons for flooring, to equip your bathroom heated floor appropriately.
Installation Process for Electric Radiant Floor System is comparatively less cumbersome. All that is needed is an electrician along with your bathroom remodeling contractor’s tile installer. Both of these technicians will work together, in installing the cables underneath the ceramic, stone or porcelain tiles, sandwiched between layers of tiles and the subfloor; or installing the pre-fabricated compact mats supplied by companies. The electrical circuit should be connected with the main supply, along with a thermostat controller and a programmable timer, to maintain the heat as you wish.

Advantages of a bathroom heated floor:

First of all you get the luxurious comfort of under-foot heat even when you step up inside, during a coldest winter. Next is an evenly heated surface – temperature not jumping so hot at one place and chill in some other place. No overheating since the devices comes up with magnificent controls of heating, whenever you want. Energy saving by limiting the heat only to the specific area of bathroom heated floor, and you can switch on this just before you start using the bathroom in the morning.
There will be no noise when the system is in operation, unlike furnaces and air-blowers. Longevity in life is an added attraction for the latest Radiant Heating Systems, which will work tirelessly for about 40 years. One more favorable point is you’ve very wide options to choose from for making your bathroom heated floor through any of the systems.

As for disadvantages, Hydronic Systems are highly complex and time consuming for installation, although they are suitable for heating up whole premises. For isolated bathroom remodeling project, they can be kept on the back-seat for consideration. Both systems have potential floor damage at times of trouble-shooting.

Cost Considerations of Radiant Floor Heating:

There are many popular brands and suppliers of both Hydronic and Electric Systems of Radiant Floor Heating your bathroom remodeling contractor can suggest such as – Radiantec; Radiantcompany; Warmboard Inc. for Hydronic and Nuheat, Suntouch, Infloor, Emerson Industrial Automation (EasyHeat) etc. for Electric. The cost variation is due to many factors such as equipment cost, installation cost, area to be covered etc. from brand to brand.
However, according to experts in Vista Remodeling Denver, the best bet is ranging between $6 and $12 per square foot for Hydronic System; and for Electric System you may have to spend $900 to $1500 for a 100 square feet bathroom of average size, subject to your individual requirement.
Consider the luxurious comfort of Radiant Heated Bathroom floor, preferably through Electric Radiant Heating and you’ll not mind the cost! Contact us at – https://www.vistaremodeling.com

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