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4 Points to Remember during a Basement Finishing Project

According to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), over 78% of all basements have an issue with water leakage. The Basement health Association (BHA) on the other hand reports that over 86% of basements over 6 years old suffer from mold growth. These two reports highlight the fact that most homeowners neglect these living spaces. However, you can finish your basement and turn it into an amazing living space.

Why a Finished Basement?

If you haven’t looked at your basement of late, it is time to explore the benefits of remodeling this space. Not only will you get an extra room in your home, but you will also prevent toxic mold growth in your house. 60% of the air you breathe indoors travels from below meaning your family is exposed to toxic mold from your unfinished basement.

Now that you appreciate how important it is, talk to a basement renovation Denver contractor. To get the most out of your basement remodeling project, here are some of the points to remember:

  1. Use a Contractor

The high cost of home maintenance is leading many people into DIY projects. However, it is important to appreciate the importance of an expert to work on your basement. There are safety concerns especially due to mold growth. More importantly, there are many utility lines along the walls including heating, water and electrical wires. To handle these, you need a lot of expertise and this is the reason to hire licensed basement remodeling contractors Denver. These experts also understand the code and they will ensure your remodeling project meets all the requirements.

  1. Keep it Dry

Whatever your locale, your basement is prone to water leakage. The key to a great basement is to tart with waterproofing before any other area. The walls are exposed to water from the surrounding soil while the floor is susceptible to water damage from below. Your contractor must check all risk areas and repair any water damage. Once this is done, a waterproofing system is put in place, be it a sump pump or a drain tile.

  1. Insulation

If you have been to your basement lately, you will realize that one reason why you don’t love it is the cold. Basements are unwelcoming, but this can change if your basement renovation Denver contractor installs an effective insulation layer.

  1. Go for Drop Ceilings

You are probably worried about the ugly wires and pipes overhead, but drop ceilings will effectively hide them. A suspended or drop ceiling conceals the plumbing and also adds to the elegance of this living space. The ceiling also allows you to play with the lighting. Using recessed lights will give the basement a more welcoming feel.

There are many basement remodeling contractors Denver to choose from. Make sure you go for an experienced contractor who is licensed and insured. Read testimonials about their services and check some of their remodeling designs.

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