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4 Creative Denver Basement Finishing Ideas

If there is one room that causes every homeowner sleepless nights, it has to be the basement. If your basement is leaking, you have probably tried all your DIY ideas without any success. It gets worse if you have neglected this space and allowed things to pile up without any order. Well, things don’t have to be this bad and you can easily transform this to your favorite room.

A Denver basement finishing contractor can turn this neglected space into a magnificent kids’ room, games room, fitness area or even a bedroom. Truth be told, basements can be tricky, but once you bring in an expert in remodeling, you will be looking forward to a fantastic job. Here are some finishing ideas that will instantly revolutionize your basement:

1. Lighting

Lighting up the basement can be expensive, but there are many ways to go around this. Installing an egress window will instantly light up the basement and make it more welcoming. The window well is not only a safety precaution, but it allows you to save on lighting costs. The ceiling layout is also crucial when planning your lighting. The use of recessed lights brings in an ethereal feel to the room. Creative layout of the lights on cabinets and other fixtures will give your finished basement a more glamorous touch. Discuss how you want to use the space with your basement finishing Denver contractor to determine the lights layout and amount of light you need.

2. Waterproofing

This is a nightmare especially in flood-prone area. However, you can still transform your basement space by installing an internal drainage system before the project starts. Whether your home is on a flood zone or not, a sump pump is recommended. This system works automatically and will protect your floor and furniture in case of an unexpected storm. Your contractor might also recommend a drain tile or external waterproofing to keep your basement dry.

3. Run Pipes Behind Walls

Drywalls are perfect for your basement. They will turn your disorganized basement into a habitable room. They are also perfect in hiding the plumbing lines and electrical wires. In case of future repairs, it is easier to dismantle a drywall and set it up later.

4. Boost Airflow

One reason homeowners don’t have anything to do with their basement is poor air flow. Most basements are damp and with time, mold growth leads to a musky odor that hangs all around. If you want to transform the basement into a living space, make sure you boost the air flow. This will reduce any chances of mold growth while also reducing the risk of respiratory complications. Your Denver basement finishing contractor will recommend the best dehumidifier to keep humidity at acceptable levels.

A finished basement is a great home improvement technique. It is a cost effective move that will enable you maximize available space in your home. Talk to a Denver basement finishing contractor and sample the basement design ideas available.

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