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Are you concerned about your bathroom being small and want to make it “big”? No worries – there are plenty of ideas up the sleeves of professional bathroom remodelling contractors like Vista Remodeling. There are basically two ways, to make your small bathroom actually spacious and “look” spacious. First task is by planning the design well to keep the amenities and fixtures inside, to gain more space. Second is creating an illusion by tactful arrangements, to make the overall appearance of the available space broad and expansive.

The professionals taking up small bathroom remodeling have to adhere to prescribed stipulations and rules of the authorities. Within these limits, they’ll carry out the task to your complete satisfaction. At first the points to be borne in mind and discussed openly with the contractor for bathroom remodeling work are – the present space available; what are all the fixtures you require there, along with storage facilities; functional aspects like how many members in your family including kids; how you want the overall appearance to be; and of course the amount you are ready to allocate etc.

Idea No.1 – Shrinking the Budget:

In providing the barest needed amenities in the bathroom, you can’t forsake anything. But when it comes to selecting each item, you can certainly go in for saving cost by purchasing the cheap and best alternatives, especially while taking up small bathroom remodeling. For example a cast-iron bathtub can save you $3000, if you shrink it from buying a Whirlpool deluxe.

Idea No.2 – Concentrate more on Ventilation:

If the available space becomes smaller, you need to provide best ventilation to keep the ambient temperature pleasant and not-suffocating. Installation of a duct with exhaust fan of ideal capacity with timer will help send out moisture, and prevent mildew and mold formation.

Idea No.3 – Proper Lighting:

creates illusion Your professional bathroom remodeling contractor can do wonders, by their experienced expertise in creating the illusion of a big bathroom, even in small bathroom remodeling tasks. The lighting fixtures of recessed ceiling type, decorative sconces, small low-voltage lights and dimmer-switches etc. help them perform this magic.

Idea No.4 – Maximise space in Shower area:

Indispensably in every bathroom big or small, the shower area occupies main space. The remodeling staff can make the space expansive by providing curbless entry, a glass shower wall and such other gimmicks. Only the space gets expanded by such prudent provisions, without compromising on the amenities.

Idea No.5 – Cabinets and cupboards also save space:

In order to obtain more space, there are many ideas carried out by the small bath remodelling crew by providing concealed cupboards, miniature cabinets, floor-to-ceiling cabinets to increase height of the sidewalls etc.

Idea No.6 – Mirrors can do miracles:

Another essential item of any bathroom, namely mirrors, can brighten up the entire bathroom, both in respect of availability of space and giving a bigger-room feel. The appropriate installation of mirrors, custom bamboo mirror, large frameless mirror etc. at focal points can maximise the illusion by reflection, as if you’re entering a big posh bathroom.

Idea No.7 – Backsplashes and Vanities:

Wherever possible, the backsplashes in thinner materials like stainless steel are capable of enriching not only the look of the vanities, but also save useful space inside your small bathroom.

Idea No.8 – Using proper tiles and flooring:

Even in a dingy and small bathroom raked by bedrooms on either side, the space can be enhanced quite beautifully, by marble tiles. This along with the mirrored surfaces flashes an impression that you use a big-spaced bathroom by illusion.

Idea No.9 – Toilet Basins can increase space:

The provision of Toilet Basins occupies quite considerable space by their size. Instead of placing the basin in the walking space of the floor, it can be relegated to one side and made a wall-hung toilet, with hidden tank inside the wall. Like this, numerous ideas can be given by the bathroom remodeling crew.

Idea No.10 – Using Multi-use furniture:

Why use a towel holder inside bathroom, occupying more space? Instead you can put the wooden ladder rarely used and hang the towels. This is just one sample idea and there are lot more.

Idea No.11 – Coloring can make wonders:

Simple fact is thoughtful painting by colors can surely enhance the look of the surrounding and make confined space appear broad. Use this and other ideas in your bathroom remodeling as well. You’ll be happy to have a “Big Bathroom” this way!

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